About me...

My name is Clare Cook aka Claire Cook based in Putney , South West London, SW15 providing personal training. I act as a personal trainer to help you develop a programme of exercises (or exercizes), including running and aerobic exercises, to gain and retain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are looking for fitness, to lose weight (weight loss), to gain strength, body toning, training for marathons, I can help. Personal training programmes include walking, running, and general fitness programmes. All these help to get you your lifestyle goals, improve your health and ensure healthy living.

My name is Clare Cook. I am a fully qualified personal trainer through YMCA which is generally regarded as the best qualification in this field. I am insured and registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals and I am first aid qualified.

However, I haven’t always been a fanatical gym attendee or sport bore. For 10 years I worked in the City as a solicitor where my only form of exercise was a dash out to buy a caffè latte and a sandwich at lunchtime and occasionally using the stairs instead of the lift! You could say that I swapped one treadmill for another!

Now, as a personal trainer, I am passionate about staying active and keeping fit but as an ex-city solicitor, I am only too aware of how busy and stressful life can be and how little time seems to be left over for looking after our most precious asset — our body!

That’s where I can help you, no matter what your goals are, whether it is to run a marathon or just to get up the stairs without being out of breath, whether its weight loss or aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility or body toning, all your health and lifestyle goals can be achieved effectively and most importantly, efficiently with a tailor made programme designed exclusively for you.

My philosophy is to help you get to the stage where a healthy lifestyle is a way of life.