Are you an employer?

The facts:

People work longer hours than ever before so it’s no wonder it’s often hard to fit in an exercise routine. Workers in the UK put in the longest hours in Europe and lunch “hours” average just 21 minutes with 55% eating at their desks.

According to the International Association for the Study of Obesity, office workers display physical activity levels that barely rise above the human minimum and fall way short of levels recommended to prevent obesity! Think of the huge number of man hours lost each year through people taking time off for stress, back pain, and generally being run down.

The government aims to increase the population’s participation in sport by 2020 and have set out these aims in the “Game Plan Initiative”. Considerations are being made as to tax relief for employers who provide exercise incentives but until then more needs to be done to extend and promote the benefits of a physically active workforce.

The solution:

Consider the time allowed for smokers to have a cigarette 5 or 6 times a day. This may add up to 30 minutes — if that time was allowed for exercise the health benefits to the staff and employers would be hugely significant. Studies show that being fit makes us more productive, happier and obviously healthier. (Just look at the health benefits from exercise running down the side of the page.) Health promotion at work can reduce absenteeism by 30%, improve morale and reduce staff turnover.

So, how about replacing flexi-time with exi-time!

Lack of motivation can be a key barrier to participation in exercise but evidence shows that motivation is greatly improved where individuals are supported by friends, or partners. I can help set up your staff fitness strategy and a fitness campaign for your staff to join in with. I can train your staff in the office either on a one to one basis or through group circuits classes which are fun and energising.