Fitness Programmes

Fitness assessments

As well as fitness tests this also includes BMI; Hip/waist ratio; blood pressure and resting heart rate.

Nutritional advice

I am not a qualified nutritionist but I am qualified to give basic nutrition advice and advice on healthy eating, in particular in relation to sport. I can assess your diet from you keeping a food diary and advise on it. I can assess how your diet compares to government guidelines (the healthy eating pyramid) and can give you an idea of your calorie intake and what your ideal calorie intake should be (your basic metabolic rate) depending on your weight and the exercise you do and what you want to achieve.


Often overlooked but one of the most effective ways of exercising that there is. It is also low impact; has a low risk of injury; is suitable for all levels of fitness; will help with weight management; will lower the risk of coronary heart disease. And most importantly it can easily be incorporated into your life, will help with stress management and is sociable! I can help you to get the most out of walking and can even provide you with a progressive programme to follow.

Sport specific training

Do you need to improve certain areas of your game? I can help devise a programme that is specific to your sport and specific to the areas that you would like to work on.